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"And after the fire a still, small voice."

I Kings XIX, 12

A Quick Overview

This book deals in a poignant, rather moving way with child abuse. It presents the terror that the child experiences over and over in a manner that cannot be found in other books. It looks at the struggle that the abused child turned adult goes through in trying to live a somewhat normal life. Finally it shows the destruction that can occur when a family decides to hide land of origin, language, religion, names, and traditions. To top it all off, it reads like a mystery.

In one sense A Still, Small Voice: Healing from Abuse deals with the story of three brothers who were raised as orthodox Jews in the United States. They decide, in 1933, to hide the fact that they are Jewish. Kate, the main character, is the child of one of the brothers. The book deals with Kate's attempts to find her missing grandmother, her attempts to break through the wall of silence surrounding the past, and the effects on the families of denying land, language, religion, name, and tradition.

In another sense, the book deals with Kate's attempts to break through the wall of her own dissociation in order to repair the damage of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse that she experienced as a child. The story follows Kate’s growing awareness of what was done to her as she works with Renee, a superbly gifted therapist.  The childhood portion is presented through flashback. Perhaps thirty percent of the book occurs in work with Renee.

Author at age 8, 1952

Author at age 8, 1952

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