Taken June, 1947, at the farm of the author’s uncle and the brother of Avis. From left to right, top: Nana, the author’s grandmother, age 51; Emily, the author’s great-grandmother, age 76; Avis, the author’s mother, age 28. Bottom: the author, age 3 ½. The crease in the photo was made by Avis when she folded it and placed it in her album, with the author hidden from view.


John, the author’s father, age 33. Approximately 1943, probably at Ft. Benning.


Photo taken December, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge. From left to right: Mike, the author’s brother, age 4½; Bing, the family dog; Avis, the author’s mother, age 25; the author, age 10 months.


The author, age 28-30 months. 1946.


At the Veteran’s Administration, in downtown Detroit. From left to right: Spens, age 4; the author, age, 7. 1951.


Photo taken in 1954, while on a day trip to Walled Lake with the author’s father. From left to right: the author, age 10; Mike, the author’s brother, age 14 ½;Spens, the author’s brother, age 6.